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Sustainable Carbon Neutral Pet Cremation Services

Pet Divine has been carbon neutral since inception. We believe it is important to commit to reducing our impact on the environment and be a responsible business. Our staff and clients continue to be proud that we are a carbon neutral company and are proud of the work we do to support environmental and sustainable development around the world.

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Pet Cremation Services - Carbon Neutral

What is the Carbon Footprint Standard?

An internationally recognised standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials.

  • Unified and independent method to manage carbon and energy.
  • Recognises all stages of carbon management – from assessment, to carbon reductions and carbon neutrality
  • Applicable to our whole organisation, including products, projects, services and events
  • Aligned with international best practice / standards
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1. Definition

We are a carbon-neutral certified company. This means that the following emissions are included in its carbon neutrality: emissions from owned or leased or directly controlled vehicles or other equipment that use fossil fuels; emissions from the generation of purchased electricity and from heating; and emissions from waste and business travel.

2. Measurement

Pet Divine contracted the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions to an independent third-party with expertise in our industry and local to our premises.

To measure the emissions of the company’s operations, we calculated the emissions arising from owned, leased or directly controlled stationary and mobile sources that use fossil fuels; emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heat, and cooling; and emissions from waste and business travel and transport.

For Help and Advice: hello@petdivine.org

3. Target

Pet Divine took the decision to become carbon neutral from inception as the future impacts of climate change were becoming clear and the need for taking urgent action becoming more and more pressing.

In particular, we felt that the Carbon Footprint® certification provided an effective and rapid way to take action on the impact of the business, and provide a robust demonstration of our true low carbon credentials.

4. Reduce

Pet Divine’s carbon-neutral goals have been met by making internal reductions and financing emission reduction projects.

The projects range from clean cookstoves to solar water heaters to renewable wind energy. As well as reducing emissions, these projects also have a positive impact on communities.

Internal emissions reductions have been delivered through energy efficiency initiatives including:

  • Minimising transport use by optimising delivery routes and frequency for all transport vehicles
  • Using efficient cremation equipment
  • Reducing paper use
  • Recycling all office paper, newspapers, electronic equipment and batteries as standard.

5. Communicate

We have communicated our commitments and achievements through a variety of channels, including via our websites, posters, as well as featuring the carbon neutral message on our vehicle fleet. In addition, we have delivered training on carbon neutrality to all our staff.

Our Cremation Confidence Guarantee:

  • An individual cremation service performed with Care and Dignity
  • Certificate of Individual Cremation
  • We will contact you after the cremation to arrange the return of your pet’s ashes
  • Carrying out any special wishes including using a specific casket or urn, or if you wish for us to take a fur clipping at the crematorium prior to cremation
  • A Carbon Neutral Cremation
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