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Cremation is a versatile way to remember your pet. You can choose to use their ashes in a number of ways.

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Pet Divine like a number of other pet crematoriums provides individual pet cremation for beloved companions.

When the end is near for a pet it might be sudden or with more notice. An accident or an emergency happens and the pet is taken to the vet, recovers and returns homes.  Sometimes the pet never returns. Or old age or long term illness means that they die at home.

Regardless of the circumstances it is a distressing and painful circumstance to be in. Choosing cremation allows the pet owner more options on how to remember their pet.  Once cremated the ashes can be scattered in a place dear to their heart or a favourite walk.  The pet’s remains (ashes) can also be buried in a biodegradable container at home, a pet cemetery or lovingly displayed in an urn that reflects their personality.  

Receiving your pet at the crematorium

A pet crematorium usually offers a collection service from a pet owner’s home or vet practice. Or the pet can be brought directly to the crematorium.  Depending on current government guidelines and availability a place to say farewell is offered.

How long does it take to cremate a pet?

Some crematoriums offer same day service for (an additional fee) and many others offer a short turn around of 48 – 72 hours. So, if time is a factor, these may be one of your considerations when looking for a pet crematorium.

The actual time taken for a cremation depends on the size and composition of a pet and therefore the range varies from 30 to 180 minutes.

What happens during cremation?

The incinerator is heated up. When it is operational, it reaches temperatures in excess of 850/C.

The pet is careful placed in and once cremated the remains are removed.  Cremation leaves behind dehydrated bone which is cremulated into a fine ash.   This ash is then stored in an urn of choice and returned to the pet owner.

How should I choose a pet crematorium

Each pet owner has their own specific requirements such as location, attended service, type of urn, etc and that should be the starting point for shortlisting.  When using any service provider, customers are recommended to look at accreditations, past performance (reviews), their website and speaking with them directly. 

Pet Divine provides the assurance that an Individual cremation means just that – your pet is being cremated on their own and the ashes returned to their owner for one clear fixed price. Should the pet owner require additional services such as collection of the pet, delivery of their remains or a different urn, that would attract an additional fee.


Pet Divine prides itself on offering a caring, responsive wrap around service which several of our customers have reviewed positively.  

 We are happy to be of assistance when the time comes. Do give us a call on 080 368 9805 should you need to.

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