Gentle Pet Euthanasia with Care and Empathy

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Pet funeral services provided with care and dignity

Our accredited surgeons are selected for their dedication to providing pet end of life services with utmost care and empathy.

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Pet Euthanasia at Home Service

We work with selected Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Accredited practices who specialise in gently putting your pet to sleep at home.

Working in conjunction with your local Vet practice, they are able to give you the necessary advice and support as well as veterinary treatment required during this sad period.

The relationship that we have with our faithful friends is one that is sometimes not understood by people if they do not have pets themselves. None-the-less, the feelings of grief and loss we experience are very real and should not be belittled or brushed under the carpet; instead they should be accepted as a natural response to loss.

Pet Bereavement Support Services are available to help during this period.

For Help and Advice:

Once we get to know a pet, we do not want to forget them when they are gone from our lives.

There are many ways of remembering your pet.

Our article, How Should You Take Care of Your Pet When the Time Comes? provides some guidance.

Pet Euthanasia Prices

Prices vary according to the type of pet, size, mileage, travelling time, and time of day/night. Please contact Pet Divine for an exact price.

All prices shown do not include cremation fees. View our Pet Cremation Prices

Prices include sedation, where needed, and euthanasia.





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