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Size Guide for Dogs

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Pedigree dogs are charged as per the sizing chart regardless of their weight.

Crossbreeds dogs are charged by the largest / main breed if known e.g. a Shar-Pei and Sussex Spaniel cross will be considered as large.

Please note that this list is meant as a guide and is a non- exhaustive list.

Please contact our Customer Services on 0800 368 9805 or email us at hello@petdivine.org for help If you are still unclear as to the sizing of your dog.

For Help and Advice: 0800 368 9805

Small Sized Dogs (up to 8 kilograms)

For Help and Advice: hello@petdivine.org

Medium Sized Dogs (8.1 to 25 kilograms)

For Help and Advice: 0800 368 9805

Large Sized Dogs (25.1 to 40 kilograms)

For Help and Advice: hello@petdivine.org

Extra Large Sized Dogs (over 40 kilograms)

Our Cremation Confidence Guarantee:

  • An individual cremation service performed with Care and Dignity
  • Use of our Farewell Room (booking required)
  • Certificate of Individual Cremation
  • We will contact you after the cremation to arrange the return of your pet’s ashes
  • Carrying our any special wishes including using a specific casket or urn, or if you wish for us to take a fur clipping at the crematorium prior to cremation
  • A Carbon Neutral Cremation
Pet Cremation Services

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Pet Cremation Services

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