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Having a canal running through the middle of our business park is a boon. It means we get to see wildlife everyday.

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Sharing pictures and video

We mentioned in our first blog, way back in April 2021, that we were fortunate to have a canal opposite our building. How many businesses (excluding the many others in The Depot) can say that? 

Or that they have wildlife on their doorstep.

It’s great to take a few minutes each day to have a quick wander around the canal to see what’s happening and any new developments.

This blog post is the place for updates on what the Swan and cygnets are getting up to.

Look out for videos and photos.

 19th May 2021 We noticed the swan and eggs but didn’t want to be too nosy.  Finally, curiosity overtook politeness, and we took a snap.

 29th May 2021 a short video This video is a brief spy …update

26th June 2021 The cygnets are growing fast it’s been almost a month and wow how big have the babies grown. Still fluffy and cute though

22nd July 2021 caught them all in the same pose. Were they playing hide and seek or some other game?

20th August 2021 they’re not camera shy, always ready and willing to take a photo

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